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Hui'an Beauty

The women in the coastal area in the east of Hui'an are commonly called Hui'an's women.

They live in Chongwu village. They're known for their unique costumes with brief blouses and hip skirts. The belt she wears signifies that she is married and her husband is at sea and has nothing to do with belly dancing.

The dress of Hui'an women is peculiar. Their hair is tied with bridge-colored kerchief and they wear yellow steeple bamboo hat. The upper outer garment is short to their navels. The trousers legs are lax. An exquisite silver chain belt is fastened around their waists. This kind of attirement is often mistaken as that of national minorities. Actually, it is not so. They are Han people living in the coastal villages in the area of Xiaozuo and Chongwu of Hui'an. As most young and middle-aged men go out to make a living. Hui'an's women shoulder the burden of both production and housework at home. Their moral character of being laborious and virtuous is much praised by people.

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